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Drain Maintenance: Smart Tips from Our Plumbers

While our plumbers are always happy to help clear our your stopped drains, the fact is that most of the drain issues we see can be easily avoided with a little preventative maintenance. Here's how:

Avoiding kitchen sink drain clogs

Corn: one of the worst things to put down your garbage disposalIf you have a garbage disposal, make sure you know what can, and can't, be put down it. Too many homeowners recklessly pour grease down their garbage disposal with it running on cold. This causes the grease to quickly harden up and clog your drain line in the same way that fat can clog your arteries.

Instead, pour off your grease into a disposable container, like a coffee can, and throw it away in your garbage. Be sure not to add it to your recycling bin, since that kind of grease can cause problems with the recycling separation process.

The other big clog causer for kitchen sinks are fibrous materials, such as onion skins and corn husks. They often don't get ground up fully before going down the drain, which means the fibers can act as nets, trapping other debris in your pipes.

Avoiding clogged toilets

Macro image of a bathroom sink drain after a successful drain cleaning in Miami Beach, FLMany homeowners in the Miami-Dade area like to put cinder blocks in their toilets, in order to lower the water usage. Unfortunately, this is also a great way to cripple your toilet's flushing power, making it easier for waste to get lodged in your drain.

Many other people like to put a variety of things down the toilet that don't belong, including paper towels, facial tissue, and feminine products. Remember that toilet paper is literally the only product that is designed to break apart in water: just about everything else is designed to be absorptive and stay tough when wet. Where it stays tough is up to you.

Avoiding clogged shower and tub drains

If you've got any girls in your family with long hair, you're probably familiar with this next issue. Hair clogs aren't fun to remove, and they can cause particularly tough clogs. That's why we strongly urge you to put drain catchers over your shower, tub, and even your bathroom sink drains. Picking hair out of the drain can be a little gross, but trust us: it's a lot better than pulling it out all at once.

Our Plumbers Can Handle Any Drain Cleaning Job in Miami Beach

Sometimes it's too late for preventative measures. The good news is that we've never met a clogged drain in Miami Beach that we couldn't bust. Our methods are safe and effective, our plumbers are fast and professional, and you shouldn't take our word for it. Call today and see for yourself!

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